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 The planned sensors will combine the flexible surface chemistry of nanocrystalline diamond capable of surface modification via layer transfer with the high mobility and sensing capabilities of graphene to make field effect transistors capable of label-free, electronic sensing.

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The DIAEXP project is structured into 9 Work Packages (WPs), each of which focuses on a specific area of responsibilities and expertise. Individual Work Packages are led by different partners with all participants striving to enhance and progress development of the innovative autonomous sensing system for detection of explosives and compounds used for their fabrication.

Detection of liquid explosives in effluent



According to the main aim of the DIAEXP project, which is to develop a novel system for early explosive detection, based on ultra-sensitive, functionalized diamond sensor, and on laser absorption spectroscopy, main measurable research outcomes of the project will be:

SPS G5147                  DIAEXP

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