SPS G5147                  DIAEXP

About project

   The DIAEXP project is structured into 9 Work Packages (WPs), each of which focuses on a specific area of responsibilities and expertise. Individual Work Packages are led by different partners with all participants striving to enhance and progress development of the innovative autonomous sensing system for detection of explosives and compounds used for their fabrication.

Equipped with the experiences and the results of the DIAEXP project – the WPs consist of NATO partners focusing on certain aspects of the project, each of which requires specific know-how. Though individual functions are coordinated by particular Work Package Leaders (WPLs), close cooperation between all WPs is vital to the success of the project.


  The research program is organized in such a manner that theoretical and experimental efforts are directly coupled. We expect considerable collaboration and exchange of results within the groups on a regular basis through meetings and visits. In addition, graduate students and postdocs will be required to submit quarterly internal reports, and attend the various technical meetings at which they will present the results.  We will organize an advisory committee composed of representatives of the ONR, NRL, and other Navy labs to review the progress and provide advice on how to couple optimally to other Navy programs and to provide guidance and advice on research progress and directions.

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