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ELK Stack: Development, Consulting and Managed Services

Pricing for these services varies depending on the size and scope of the project, but we offer competitive rates that will fit within your budget. Make application stable with increased speed of indexing and removing latency of bringing data into elastic search. Our team will deliver consultative recommendations for design, implementation, and security improvements. MC+A has over 10 years of implementing search and analytics use cases and has an experienced team of consultants that facilitate implementing business value in technologies like the Elastic Stack. We tailor-made robust solutions on the basis of your project case, growth needs, data volume, critical factors and business requirements. Our managed services make sure that our clients know we have their back with any use case, giving them a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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Java News Roundup: JDK 21 Updates, Spring Data 2023.0 ….

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Along with industry best practices, our clients can take full advantage of their solutions – from enterprise search to logging and analytics. At BigData Boutique, we are deeply committed to solving complicated challenges. All your queries of your data and strategies will be answered by our ElasticSearch developers. With in-depth technical knowledge, they will help you to realize possibilities which increase the search results, push past plateaus and find out new and unique solutions with Elastic Stack and X-Pack. Finally, we build a relationship and understand all the business and technical problems and solve them in no time. Logstash is the first component that processes the data from various sources at different speeds.

Works with any Type of Data

Developing a roadmap and comprehensive strategy that supports intelligence information discovery within your organization is key to achieving positive business outcomes. Logging tools can automatically report errors to you or a team, allowing for quick response to critical issues. Improve the experience of search-users as they search and discover content.

elasticsearch consulting service

Like with any other of our database consulting offers, we support you in any phase of the development. In healthcare, ElasticSearch can be used for patient data search, clinical decision support, and drug discovery. Performance Tuning will help in understanding the health of the machines, health of the cluster. Provide fast, scalable, robust API endpoints, which connect UI to Elastic search queries.

Big Data & Cloud Develoment

We have successfully handled terabytes of data using ELK stack with other tools. Hire dedicated ElasticSearch developer from us right now to get your work done. In a short period of time, ProminentPixel has gained a huge popularity for its quality services and dedication towards the work.

elasticsearch consulting service

From a single node to a 200-node cluster, Elasticsearch scales quickly and easily without affecting performance. Sharded indices replicated across the cluster offer vast expansion potential as your data estate grows. Properly managing the logs of your services can be crucial to quickly identify and solve issues or provide meaningful analytics. Vespa is a full-featured text search engine and supports both regular text search and fast approximate vector search . Sease team have been Elasticsearch specialists since early 2010 working on various projects aiming to build search solutions.

Half of the Fortune 500 companies use Elasticsearch.

Our dedicated elastic developers will create robust solutions to your business needs and designs a model that helps to reduce workload. To optimize your performance, our ElasticSearch developers will evaluate the data model and maintain it perfectly. Elasticsearch is a search engine based on Lucene that provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. At ProminentPixel, we have a team of dedicated Elasticsearch developers who have worked with hundreds of clients worldwide, providing them with a variety of services. Our experts allow you to focus on your project’s business value by accelerating the technical implementation with a best practice approach.

  • Migrate from an old platform or take advantage of the latest features while enhancing the impact and minimizing the risks on your system.
  • Make application stable with increased speed of indexing and removing latency of bringing data into elastic search.
  • ProminentPixel’s ElasticSearch team not only provides the consultation but also helps the organization in achieving the optimal performance by performance tuning and scalability time over time.
  • The Remote Quickstart is offered to provide an Elastic customer assistance with their deployment via a remote-only method .
  • In addition to web searches, Elasticsearch is also used for log analysis and big data analytics.

Processing all your specific information allows us to plan the amount of indices that the cluster would hold, how they would get sharded to shards, and how this planned capacity would be stored in a well balanced manner. In terms of hardware capacity, our experts dive into your specific use case, data size and rate, retention requirements, search, and indexing SLA. From that, we derive how much data needs to be stored, what the optimal disks sizes are for data nodes, and how much memory is needed. These predictions also assist in determining the correct number of data nodes needed. In this section, we will cover the current and future scale considerations needed in order to scale the cluster in an optimal and cost-effective manner. Capacity planning covers both the hardware capacity and the data considerations.

Splunk to Elastic Cloud Migration

If you are using Elasticsearch today with AWS,, QBox, Bonsai, another 3rd party service or have set it up yourself, you can still make use of this. Advise – our search expert as a service is powered by the team that has built – the leading app search platform for ElasticSearch. We’re also authors of Dejavu and ReactiveSearch – leading open-source dev tools for building search with over 10,000 Github stars and over 1MM downloads. Actionable Analytics Elasticsearch can track search users, queries, clicks and conversion data so businesses can perform a variety of analytics. This provide support to help you deploy the ElasticSearch search engine successfully, and deploy to production. Our customers range from medium businesses to large enterprises and government agencies, who are currently using or plan to use products from the Elastic Stack.

elasticsearch consulting service

Design a model that balances with your workload and data, keep your clusters green and maintain finest performance. Our experts keep you guided and updated throughout the development & implementation process of your Elastic Stack solution. We uphold the Elastic Stack of all the components which include and also offer architectural design consulting for a very competitive cost. Opster stabilizes Elasticsearch operations, improves performance and reduces costs.

evoila accompanies you in your project

As Elasticsearch is a complex distributed system, there are multiple potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities that are often exploited. The security review covers all aspects, ranging from secure communication, data encryption, access restrictions, query protection and more. Opster’s team walks you through all of the available ways to protect your Elasticsearch cluster from security breaches, which might lead to data loss, hijack, ransomware and downtime.

elasticsearch consulting service

Consultative and deployment services focused on your Elastic Security solution. Includes design recommendations, data ingest and monitoring, patterns and the Elastic Common Schema , MITRE ATT&CK™ mapping, alerts, and visualizations for identifying security risks and cyber threat monitoring. Discovery and analysis of customer business objectives and use case, followed by consultative recommendations for design, implementation, security, migration or upgrade, or solution fit. Assessment engagements can be applied to either legacy Elastic Stack or Cloud environments or third-party products.

Go Further with Elasticsearch

One of the benefits of using ElasticSearch is that it’s an open source solution, which means that it’s free to use. This makes it a cost-effective option for businesses or organizations of all sizes. ElasticSearch can handle large volumes of data easily, making it a good choice for big businesses or organizations. ElasticSearch used to search documents of any type, and there are numerous use cases for it. If you’re in need of help implementing or using ElasticSearch, our team of experts can assist you. The percolator and most of its features work in real-time, so once a percolate query is indexed it can immediately be used in the percolate API.