SPS G5147                  DIAEXP

  We have invited to the project three different cooperating End-users potentially contributing our results by their experiences, human and hardware resources. They show complementary competencies supporting the project dissemination.


E1. Military Institute of Armament Technology - the leading scientific - research centre of the Ministry of National Defence, The MIAT own the Certificate in Polish Certification Center - AC 027 for explosives investigation.


Project role:

  • Synthesis and testing of highly energetic explosives,

  • Sapper engineering,

  • Field test of system with real highly energetic explosives,

  • Advisory - The international security and Army regulation rules.



E2. ETON Group Ltd – SME Company (Poland) 


Project role:

  • Support of development and design of sensing system:

    • Electronic readout and control of nanosensors,

    • Ultra-sensitive and low-noise electronics for sensing,

    • Sensor packaging and assembling,

  • Advisory - CE certification of the products.


E3. Groundswell Technologies, Inc. - SME Company (US)


Project role:

  • Support of development and design of software for control and readout of sensors:

    • Large scale data collection and storage,

    • Software system security,

    • Internet and mobile devices integration.

  • Advisory - US safety and security regulations.

  • Advisory – by cooperating companies (e.g. https://in-situ.com/ - designs, manufactures, and rents water quantity and quality instrumentation for groundwater, surface water, and coastal waters.) regarding in-situ detection system functioning in various water conditions.


All the End-users commit to review milestone progress and declare supporting and feedback to the project during videoconference meetings and annual consortia meeting.

The US and Poland based companies warranty the fitting of the future product to EU either US market legal and safety regulations.

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