SPS G5147                  DIAEXP

  According to the main aim of the DIAEXP project, which is to develop a novel system for early explosive detection, based on ultra-sensitive, functionalized diamond sensor, and on laser absorption spectroscopy, main measurable research outcomes of the project will be:


  • development of ultra-sensitive sensor on the basis of functionalized diamond-graphene FET,
  • development of integrated Sensing Platform with incorporated FET and optical detection,
  • development of technology demonstrator in form of laboratory device,
  • recognizing the capabilities of optoelectronic technology model based on laser absorption spectroscopy,
  • pbtaining intellectual property protection for technology developed in the course of the project (PCT).


  Other measurable outcomes of the project realization will be:

  • building of formal NATO partnership (consortium agreement signed),
  • engagement of the MSc and PhD students and post-docs in research activities of students participating in project’s works),
  • articles in the press and publications in scientific.


  There are also immeasurable outcomes of the project, and those are:


  • system will provide reliable information for security services and police for faster and more reliable detection (more than 50%),
  • exchange of experience and know-how  between entities involved in the project,
  • strengthening of the bilateral cooperation between scientists,
  • positive opinion of the public security environment,
  • participation of students and young researchers in the project will increase their competences and chances on the international labor market.


  Intended long-term application of outcomes


  As a long-term project’s outcome contribution it is planned to apply the developed early detection system of explosives on the market. During the course of the project, patent application is planned and afterwards out-licensing. After the project conclusion it is planned to develop prototypes of the system (in a number of several pieces in order to present them on fair trades, business meetings etc.).

The application of the system will contribute to:


  • new fast detection explosives technology,
  • demonstrations of explosives detection systems operating in harsh conditions of sewages,
  • the capabilities definitions of explosive detection by new technologies,
  • increasing of safety level,
  • recognizing novel development trends.


  Necessary dissemination and exploitation of project results activities will have to be held in order to promote the system and innovative method of explosives measurement. Adequate marketing strategy and dissemination activities will rise awareness of the explosives problem.

We expect that preparation of our technical stuff and research training ground will contribute to create new procedures for detection methods of explosive materials by ultrasensitive optoelectronic and electrochemical apparatus, and will be applied to fight against the terrorism.

Thanks to this project, we could equip our analytical laboratory in new methods and procedures of detection of explosives materials traces.

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