SPS G5147                  DIAEXP

Synthetic Diamond foils in the action of forensic detection

#PolitechnikaGda, #Caltech and #UCRiverside researchers demonstrated atomically thin, robust synthetic diamond foil on a graphene field-effect transistor designed for explosive detection in hazardous sewage effluents. The @NATO_SPS-oriented study (diaexp.com) was recently published in the Advanced Functional Materials journal. @PLinNATO


Bogdanowicz, R., M. Ficek, M. Sobaszek, A. Nosek, Ł. Gołuński, J. Karczewski, A. Jaramillo-Botero, W. A. Goddard III, M. Bockrath, and T. Ossowski. "Growth and Isolation of Large Area Boron-Doped Nanocrystalline Diamond Sheets: A Route toward Diamond-on-Graphene Heterojunction." Advanced Functional Materials: 1805242.

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