SPS G5147                  DIAEXP

  The planned sensors will combine the flexible surface chemistry of nanocrystalline diamond capable of surface modification via layer transfer with the high mobility and sensing capabilities of graphene to make field effect transistors capable of label-free, electronic sensing.


  Covering of graphene by diamond also provides a highly durable, biocompatible layer to protect the device in the sensing environment. Building on the extensive expertise of the team members, the goals of the research program are specifically to:


  • Synthesize diamond layers by the Chemical Vapor Deposition and transfer them to graphene devices to make optically transparent hybrid sensors.

  • Chemically functionalize the diamond layers to introduce specific compounds selectivity

  • Investigate and characterize the different potential sensing modalities inherent to the devices: measure explosives binding events using high mobility graphene field effect transistors, optical fluorescence.

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